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What we do

Boat management

For some time now there has been a need for the management service of private boats on behalf of semi-residents and annual visitors to Corfu. By semi residents we refer to many Greeks and foreign nationals who own a second home on Corfu, and generally reside there for varying periods of time, mostly during the summer months. There are also a number of annual visitors to the island, who do not own property but own motor- boats for use whilst on their vacation.

What essentially we offer is a facility to safely store these motorboats and their equipment in the owners’ absence. We also offer to have boats fully serviced and ready for use on the arrival of the owners and remove boats from the sea and return them to storage on the owners’ departure. Obviously the biggest advantage to owners of such a service is the ability to maximize the use of their motorboats and time on the water during their stay on the island,  avoiding the loss of the first few days of holiday with engine servicing, preparation and launching. There are also several auxiliary services that we can offer and they are listed in detail below.

What we offer

Our services

North East Boat Storage and Services (NEBSS) offer a complete management service for owners ensuring the maximum use of their holiday time without the hassle of dealing with preparation and servicing before launching.

Our Rates

Tariff prices 2021

Boat sizeBelow 6.5m6.5m -9.5 m9.5m+
Open Storage10€ per metre/month10€ per metre/month10€ per metre/month
Covered Storage15€ per metre/month15€ per metre/month15€ per metre/month
Storage of empty Trailer5€ per metre/month5€ per metre/month8€ per metre/month
Launching with own trailer60€ 10€ per metre150€
Recovery with own trailer60€10€ per metre150€
Spring clean60€10€ per metre10€ per metre
Rinse/clean before & after use30€40€50€
Call out50€ plus any parts required
Administration Fee for licence renewal (GR REG Boats/Travel Card)50€ plus any expenses
Engine ServiceAs per Engineer’s Quote


Why should I use boat storage?
A boat storage service insures the safe and monitored storage of your boat in your absence. You will also benefit from the auxiliary services on offer such as cleaning and preparation, launching and recovery, help with the purchasing of equipment, licensing and servicing. This ensures that you make the most of your stay on the island, maximizing your time on the water. In the event of any problems we are there to help.
How is my boat prepared for winter storage?
When boats are recovered from the sea for winter storage, they are thoroughly cleaned, the hull jet washed and equipment cleaned and re-packed. Engines are flushed through and winterized to manufacturer's specifications.
Do I need a boat cover?
It is highly recommended that each boat has it's own all weather cover for maximum possible protection, especially when in open storage. The winter months on Corfu tend to be are very wet and damp.
What is the difference between sheltered and open storage?
Sheltered storage is a protected and sheltered space to store your boat for better protection again the weather. Open storage is the safe and secure storage of your motorboats and their equipment, within the yard grounds. An all weather cover for protection against the weather is recommended.