Terms & Conditions

  1. All boats under our care must be accompanied with photocopies of the owner/s certificate and license.
  2. Full service history or written declaration of boat history will be required.
  3. All boats will be inspected on arrival, with owner or owner’s representative present, when any faults or damage will be recorded.
  4. Storage and winterization of boats will be carried out and charged accordingly as are standard procedure. Any extra maintenance, purchases or replacement parts must be confirmed in writing (email) when an estimated quote will be given to and agreed with the owner.
  5. It is recommended that boats carry fully comprehensive insurance or a minimum of third party insurance (as required by law), fire and theft. Insurance is the responsibility of the owner/s. NEBSS do not take any responsibility for any damage or loss of the boat whilst under use and care of the owner or any third party whilst the boat is outside the storage yard. NEBBS do not take responsibility for loss or damage due to adverse weather, theft or fire whilst the boat is outside or inside the yard. Claims for damage or loss must be made through the owner’s insurance. Only direct or negligent damage to the boat or engine incurred by employees of NEBSS will be the responsibility of NEBSS.
  6. Prior warning of at least two weeks for the first launch of the season will be required to ensure adequate boat preparation. At least two days notice for subsequent launches will be required. Last minute notice will not guarantee launching for your arrival. There will be no launches or recoveries on a Sunday.
  7. The only persons authorized to remove the boat from the yard or to receive the keys to the boat are those listed on this contract or licensed employees of NEBSS. Written confirmation of any additional family members or friends, who are permitted to use the boat in the owner’s absence, must be provided.
  8. Payment of storage may be arranged quarterly by bank transfer or cash. Payment of any extra work either contracted or by NEBSS, or any agreed purchased should be made within 30 days of invoicing. A detailed invoice will be provided.
  9. All life saving equipment will be marked with the name and license number of the boat and checked for expiry.
  10. An adequate all weather boat cover must be provided for storage.
  11. To ensure the safe passage to and from the slipway of the boat, a yearly inspection and if necessary service will be carried out on the trailer. Any boat stored without its own trailer will incur a surcharge for loading and offloading for each launch and recovery.